Thirumalai Nambi

Thirukkurungudi ,  Tirunelveli

Thirukurungudi is one of the 108 Vaishnavite Divya Desams situated on the banks of the River Nambiyaru. It is approachable by road. Distance is 44  KMs from Tirunelveli, 15 KM from Nanguneri (Vanamamalai) and 10 KM from Valliyoor. Lord Sri Azhagiya Nambi Temple is located in the centre of the town flanked by four big Mada Veethis (Agraharams) and at the outer square by four broad and lengthy Ratha Veethis (Car Streets). The presiding deity of this Divya Desam was sung (Mangalasasanam) by four Azhwars, namely Thirumazhisai Piran, Nammazhwar, Periazhwar and Thirumangai Azhwar.

In Tamil language the word ‘NAMBI’ means personification of all virtuous and righteous qualities blended with beauty and grace.


five Nambis

There are five Nambis in this Kshetram. They are Ninra Nambi (Standing posture), Irundha Nambi (Sitting posture), Kidandha Nambi (Sleeping posture), Thiruparkadal Nambi and Thirumalai Nambi.

Thiruparkadal Nambi Temple is located very near to the River Nambiyaru one KM from the main temple.

Thirumalai Nambi & Mahendragiri

Thirumalai Nambi Temple is on the hills (Mahendragiri Mountain) 8 KM from the main temple.  ( Mahendragiri mountain near Tirukurungudi has abundant medicinal herbals. This mountain is mentioned in the First Chapter of Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam Sundara Kandam. Hanuman while going to Sri Lanka in search of Seetha set his feet here and then travelled by sky route. There are many Siddha Purushas living in this mountain observing penance.)

Jeep Ride to Mahendragiri

Thirumalai nambi temple is located in reserve forest 8kms away from the main temple. A forest department check post has to be crossed where forest department collect Rs.10 per person. The road also is very rough to trek however most of the devotees trek the rough terrain. Jeep from main temple costs Rs.500 to Thirumalai Nambi.

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